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Terracotta Plants

Ponytail palm

Ponytail palm

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Beaucarnea recurvata 'Ponytail palm'

Common names: Ponytail Palm, Elephant's Foot

The Ponytail palm gets its sweet name from grassy leaves stemming from a robust bulb that looks a bit like hair cascading from a ponytail. While this plant is called a palm, it is actually a succulent, and that bulb is where it stores water for long periods of time. The Ponytail palm is easy-to-care-for as it is very drought tolerant, non-toxic, and just wants bright light.


 Light: Bright Filtered

Water: Drought Tolerant

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet Friendly: Yes

Care: You are welcome to trim off any browning tips with sharp scissors to maintain a greener appearance of your palm.

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