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Terrarium Koski


So, the terrarium vase is taking over the world. On both sides of The Pond, people are going crazy for succulents and the stylish beauty of succulent gardens - old fishbowls, and old fishtanks are just some of the containers floating around of course! BUT, miniatures for terrariums are our personal fave. Anything miniature in fact. A terrarium vase does NOT have to be bulky. In fact, we think terrarium Koski is the perfect piece for all succulent creations! The power of this tiny terrarium vase should not be underestimated. On their own, in clusters, or in threes of the...

Small Terrarium Jar


These simple glass terrarium jars make beautiful homes for your humidity-loving plants. They are approx. 5 inches deep and 4 inches in diameter.

Terrarium Petri


Playing off the idea of a specimen jar, Terrarium Petri is an enclosed terrarium glass that perfectly frames your succulent or air plant creations and gives them a professional polish. The lid simply pops on and off of this terrarium glass with ease, and is not air tight so you can confidently leave it on without worrying if your plant buddies are going suffocate. The compact size means they fit well on a bookshelf that needs a little life, the coffee table your cat keeps eating your plants on, or stick it on that window sill in the kitchen to...

Terrarium Bowl

From $20.00

We have really amped up our glass containers for DIY succulent gardens recently. The two sizes of this heavy, hand blown glass terrarium bowl are deep enough for soil planting, and the open mouth makes it easy to get in and arrange your plants. For a terrarium vase, this has to be the most practical environment in which to take care of whatever you choose to put inside. The terrarium vase comes in both Large and Small sized bowls. Made of magnificent thick, hand blown glass they are never in danger of tipping and are easy to clean both on...

Gip Cloch


Cloche's have a million uses, you probably don't even need us to suggest one but we’re going to anyway! This glass terrarium can be used as a showcase dome for your favorite knickknack. It can be used to cover your favorite potted plant and help keep the moisture inside. It can also even be used to display or protect food items.The Cloche was originally designed for the outdoors to protect plants from the cold, so you could go back to basics and use this stylish glass terrarium for the soul reason of it’s invention. It acts as a sort of...

Pod (White/Green)


Pod is a wall hanging flower vase, part of the extensive range of hanging vases that Chive offers. It comes in three interior colors: Blue, Green and White. While the Blue and Green are a matte finish, we decided to mix things up and finish the white in a gloss to give it more of the appeal of a modern white vase. Originally released as a hanging tealight holder for all our event people who kept requesting one, Pod has quietly become one of our favorite hanging air plant containers. It's perfect for any small to medium sized specimen (roughly...

Sprocket Water Jug


No more need for those large bulk watering can Sprocket is the perfect little glass watering container for getting into those tight spaces. Helping you keep your Urban Jungle thriving while looking good. Oh and it can makes a fantastic vase too!Product Details Material: extruded tube glass, which means it's glass but it's thin and delicate Dimensions: 3.5" wide, 4.75" tall Cleaning: C.L.R. (Calcium, Lyme, Rust Cleaner) will help out with any calcium build up without needed to get out the long wire brush Features Unique gift idea Fun floral arranging Look like a pro florist and have all your...

North Tower Terrarium


Featuring a tall narrow design, this tower terrarium is a great space for a miniature orchid or a strange skinny cacti or succulent. Made from reclaimed glass from deconstructed homes in Detroit, you can be proud to show off this piece in your home while contributing to sustainable design. We use traditional stained glass techniques with a nod to art deco and mid-century design, while retaining the beauty of the classic victorian wardian case. We have also had fun stacking air plants or suspending them, so keep thinking about what kind of indoor miniature garden matches your style. Great as...

The Ellias Trap Terrarium


The smallest of our Wardian Case terrariums, this piece is perfect for the college dorm or apartment in the city. We know that shelf space is at a premium but we still need some green. Plant a beautiful exotic succulent or pop in a large air plant for an immediate contained garden. As with all leadhead glass products, we make these little cuties out of reclaimed glass and wood using traditional stained glass techniques. With a mid century modern vibe and fun deco touches we try to put as much style as we can in our mini terrarium. The Ellias...

Little House Terrarium


This little darling is our second smallest Wardian case. The 6" planting base can accommodate two to three miniature plantings. We have kept the design clean and crisp to highlight your miniature garden. Also makes a great gift for that special someone with space concerns. It fits well on a bookshelf, desk, or window sill. Features a pitched slope roof.Includes fitted plastic liner.6"L X 6"W X 10"H

Sir Hooker House


While still retaining its roots in the classic style of the Victorian Wardian Case, we have updated the design for the modern indoor gardener. Perfect for a Mid Century Modern home, this terrarium is large enough to plant four or five of you favourite succulents or miniature plants in. Each our terrariums are made from locally sourced reclaimed materials, and then handmade using traditional stained glass techniques. 10" x 10" x 15".

Hall House


The Hall house is named for Dr. George Rogers Hall, a horticulture pioneer. Dr. Hall first visited Japan in 1859 to join the lucrative trade that had already been established between Japan and the United States. Hall filled Wardian cases with Japanese plants, and they set sail from the newly opened Yokohama whaling port. All terrariums come with a fitted plastic liner. 15" x 10" x 18".

The Mendel


For all the Art Deco fans, this terrarium would be a great addition to your home, giving a classic victorian wardian case a twist with a fun deco roof. A great planter for your taller items, we love putting our orchids in this piece, or any other indoor plants that deserves a special home. With a tall design that is narrow enough to fit on a bookshelf, it is a great gift for those that have a little less counter space. 12" x 6" x 18".



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