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Succulent Assorted

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Succulents are plants that appreciate lots of light, want to dry out and stay dry for a bit, are generally very easy to maintain, and make lovely additions to any bright spot in your space! There are so many varieties of succulent, there is almost surely one that will catch your eye. They are fun potted individually, clustered together in a shallow and wide pot, or creatively placed in a terrarium! 


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Cactus are a varied grouping of plants that range from columnar to stout and spherical to twisted, and with plenty of variation in between. Native to arid regions, cactus have evolved to expect lots of light and very little water. Cacti are also, generally, very easy to care for and want to be left alone so they are an excellent option for a forgetful plant caretaker! Many cacti bloom in bright colors that burst out of their succulent, spiny bodies and bring a lot of cheer to the space. Whether you want a small desk cactus or a large floor...

Echeveria assorted

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Echeveria assorted Echeverias are a widely loved succulent for their floral shape, thick leaves, varied coloring, easy care, and pet friendliness! There are so many reasons to love this family of plants. As with other succulents, they will appreciate bright light and not too much water. Echeveria make a lovely choice as sill plants, desk plants, or terrarium plants! We're sure you'll find a great way to display these sweet plants.    Light: Bright Filtered Water: Drought Tolerant Ease: Easy Breezy Pet Friendly: Yes

Begonia 'Rex'

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Begonia 'Rex' Rex begonias will surprise you with a broad range of leaf colors and designs. You might get red, green, purplish, or even metallic silver markings on this unique plant with equally varied leaf sizes and textures. These Plants will flower, but you can trim the flowers to focus the plant's energy into sustaining and growing its eye-catching leaves.   Light: Medium Water: Occasional Ease: Easy Breezy Pet friendly: No Care: Rex begonias enjoy humidity, but be careful not to directly mist their leaves as it encourages powdery mildew.

Senecio 'String of pearls'

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Senecio rowleyanus 'String of pearls' Senecios are a wide-ranging group of Plants in the daisy family. They range from upright to trailing to shrubs, and have beautiful blooms in fall and spring! Keep your senecio as a container plant, put it on a tall shelf or in a basket, or if you live in a warmer climate, plant it as outdoor ground cover. There is so much variety and beauty in this family, you will likely find a plant that catches your eye. String of pearls is a popular senecio, and for good reason! This plant is adorable with its...

Golden pothos

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Epipremnum aureum 'Golden' pothos Common Names: Pothos, Devil's Ivy Pothos Plants are great for beginner plant caretakers, as they are very easy to care for and make a beautiful statement trailing down from a hanger, tabletop, or across a wall. They love humidity, so if their leaf tips start to brown, consider misting them or bringing them into a higher humidity spot like the kitchen or bathroom. This pothos brightens the space with vibrant green leaves speckled and streaked with gold.   Light: Shade Tolerant Water: Occasional Ease: Easy Breezy Pet friendly: No Care: Trim discolored or damaged leaves using sharp...

Money tree - Braided

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Pachira aquatica 'Money tree' Common names: Money Tree, Chestnut Plant The Money tree gets its name from the idea in Feng Shui that it will bring good luck and fortune to it's owner. Its 5 leaves represent the balance of each of the elements (earth, wind, fire, water, and metal). Money trees are also very easy to care for and non-toxic, so you have a variety of reasons to bring one of these beautiful braided plants home!   Light: Medium Water: Occasional Ease: Easy Breezy Pet Friendly: Yes Care: Money trees do best when they are left in one spot. If...

Ficus 'Burgundy'

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Ficus elastica 'Burgundy' Rubber tree A tropical plant native to Southeast Asia, the Rubber tree is a vigorous grower that can reach heights of 100 feet in the wild, and can become a more manageable but still substantial size in your home! Rubber trees are lovely with their broad leaves and a variety of coloring within the family. This burgundy is classic in all of its emerald and burgundy beauty. Light: Bright Filtered Water: Occasional Ease: Easy Breezy Pet Friendly: No Care: Your Rubber tree can grow quite large as a houseplant! Once it gets to a height that you...

Juniperus 'Juniper' bonsai

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The Juniper Bonsai is a miniature version of the actual tree and it is not a houseplant so your bonsai must be kept in a cool or cold environment in the winter season. You have to grow your juniper bonsai tree where it will be receiving more than 4 hours of sunlight every day, and use a soil that tends to become dry. Name: Bonsai Water: Frequent Light: Bright Filtered Ease: Easy Breezy

Chinese money plant

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Pilea peperomiodes 'Chinese money plant' Common names: Chinese Money Plant, Friendship Plant, UFO PlantThe popular Money plant is known for it's relatively low-maintenance care, ease of propagation, and funky presence that make it a fun addition to your home. It's round leaves looking like saucers give it the name 'UFO' or 'Pancake' plant, and the ease of propagation gives it the reputation as a good gift plant. This plant of many names is also said to bring luck and prosperity to it's owner, so there are plenty of reasons to keep one for yourself or gift one to a friend!  ...

Zz plant

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Zamioculcas zamiifolia 'Zz plant' Common name: Aroid Palm, Eternity Plant Zz's are the ultimate beginner plant! They have been called 'indestructible' and are very happy to be left alone as the lowest-maintenance plant in your collection. They are tolerant of low light and want to drink water about once a month. Notably, they are not pet friendly, so please keep your beloved pets away from this one! If you are looking for an interesting and elegant plant to enliven your space with very little effort required, this is the plant for you.   Light: Shade Tolerant Water: Drought Tolerant Ease: Easy...

Peperomia 'Hope'

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Botanical Name: Peperomia tetraphylla 'Hope' Common Names: Peperomia Hope Description: Peperomia Hope is a lovely hybrid cultivar belonging to the wide and varied genus of popular houseplants, Peperomia. It is a cross between Peperomia deppeana and Peperomia quadrifolia, both of which are low growing vining epiphytes with small green round leaves on thin stems.

Philodendron 'Heartleaf'

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Philodendron cordatum 'Heart leaf' Common names: Heartleaf Philodendron, Sweetheart Plant, Parlor Ivy Philodendrons make a wonderful houseplant for beginner plant caretakers! They are easy going, resilient, and come in a variety of colors and shapes. Native to Central and South America and the Caribbean, this family ranges from plants with trailing leaves to those that grow in denser bushes of leaves. The Heart leaf is charming with its deep green heart-shaped leaves that grow upwards just a bit before trailing down. They look beautiful in a hanging basket or set atop a tall table.   Light: Shade Tolerant Water: Occasional Ease:...

Maranta 'Prayer plant - Lemon lime'

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Maranta leuconeura 'Prayer plant - Lemon lime' Prayer plants, a low-growing plant native to Brazil, get their name from a curious behavior - during the day, the leaves lay flat and at night, they fold up like hands held in prayer. These low-maintenance plants bring character and intrigue into any space. The Lemon lime variety is characterized by bold lime green veins branching out from the center of a dark green and burgundy leaf.   Light: Shade Tolerant Water: Frequent Ease: Easy Breezy Pet friendly: Yes Care: Prayer plants love humidity, so give it some extra care by misting its...

Monstera deliciosa 'Split-leaf philodendron'

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Monstera deliciosa 'Split-leaf philodendron' Common names: Monstera, Split-leaf Philodendron, Hurricane Plant, Mexican Breadfruit Philodendrons make a wonderful houseplant for beginner plant caretakers! They are easy going, resilient, and come in a variety of colors and shapes. Native to Central and South America and the Caribbean, this family ranges from plants with trailing leaves to those that grow in denser bushes of leaves. Monstera deliciosa is a very popular houseplant, and for good reason! It will grow in most indoor lighting conditions (though it will grow faster in higher, indirect light) and the leaves split in unique and interesting ways, making an...

Nematanthus 'Black goldfish'

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Nematanthus 'Black' Common name: Goldfish plant Goldfish plants come with a variety of leaf colors, all characterized by a glossy oval shape. These tropical plants love bright light, and to stay a little moist, and they will reward you with cheerful goldfish cracker shaped blooms! If your goldfish is not blooming, try moving it to a brighter spot in your home. Nematanthus make lovely hanging plants, as well as a beautiful, bushy centerpiece! The black variety is beautiful with it's rich, purplish-black leaves and bright orange blooms. Light: Bright Filtered Water: Occasional Ease: Easy Breezy Pet Friendly: Yes  



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