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Sutton 15 Self Watering Pot


The Sutton Self-Watering Planter is a Greenery staff favorite thanks to its versatile charm and pleasing proportions designed specifically for trailing and cascading plants. Made from the highest quality ceramic, this footed planter also contains our patented sub-irrigation system that allows plants to drink from the roots, just as nature intended. Never overwater your houseplants again!

Franklin 17 Self Watering Pot


The Franklin Self Watering Planter combines a classic planter design with sub-irrigation technology for a vessel that's equal parts form and function. The patented sub-irrigation insert allow plants to drink from the roots, just as nature intended. Simply lift the planter to refill the dish below when the reservoir is empty. Its never been easier to know when and how much to water your plants!

Varick 20 Self Watering Pot


The Varick Self-Watering Planter is the ultimate vessel for displaying your prized houseplants. The elevated base conceals a water reservoir through which our patented sub-irrigated insert allows plants to drink at their own pace. This large reservoir allows for more time between waterings and takes the guess work out of watering. The subtle slant in the vessel highlights foliage and flowering plants alike. We particularly love to display our Philodendron, Ficus, and Anthurium collections in this elegant planter.

Glügg- Self Watering Plant Vessel


Have you ever wanted to go on a weekend getaway, but you were all like ‘dang! I have so many plants that need to be meticulously watered!’ Well, you’re in luck, friend! We’ve got just the Glügg for you!With its modern, minimalist design, Glügg elevates your plant game and takes the guesswork out of caring for your plants. Now you can let your plants water themselves the perfect amount, whenever they are thirsty. Super convenient and almost as awesome as you.Each Glügg Includes:-1 glass water vessel-1 cotton wick-1 copper arch-InstructionsWater Vessel: 2.25" dia. x 4"HCopper Arch: 2.5" W x 6"...



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