Mystery Pet-Friendly House Plant Subscription Box



You can never have too many plants, which is why we are excited to now offer a plant subscription service!

Our Pet Friendly Plant Subscription Box sends you an indoor plant chosen at random every month that is non-toxic to pets and kids! This is the right box for you if you share your space with a curious pet! Do you notice that your cat likes to nibble on all of your greenery? If so, we recommend grabbing some cat grass as a healthy distraction, and then filling your space with non-toxic plants! We mark these plants as non-toxic based on ASPCA guidelines because we want to make sure that your pets and plants can happily and safely coexist.

This subscription box includes:

  • One 4″ pet-friendly potted plant per month.
  • Detailed care cards for each plant.
  • Plant comes in plastic nursery planter with soil.
  • Free shipping.

The plants in this subscription box will arrive in a 4" diameter nursery pot. 


A Few of Our Favorites



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