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Cheetah in Jungle on Green Matchbox


Tiger Tiger Matchbox




approximately 5 inches in diameter. Food safe, dishwasher, microwave and over safe.

Bottle Opener - Beech


This is the original bent-nail bottle opener designed by Brendan Ravenhill. A single bent nail embedded in an ergonomic wooden handle functions as a lever to pry open your beverage. Magnets are inlaid on both sides. One catches the removed bottle cap and the other holds the opener on your fridge when not in use. Material: beech Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.5 x .75 in

Tiger With Peony


The Flamboyant Matchbox


Cheetah in White Jungle


Our stylish long match boxes are practical and fabulous all at the same time. Containing our extra long match sticks, they make lighting fires and storm lanterns a breeze! Cheetah in the jungle is a gorgeous design by our good friend and talented artist Ariane Butto. The cheetah slinks through a dreamy scene of palms, banana trees, bromeliads and carnaubas that look almost out of this world to bring some gorgeous monochrome-detailed rainforest dreams straight into your home space.

Copper Cocktail Mixer


Stirred, no shaken. Copper cocktail mixer, durability and style. Definitely won't break on you. 20 ounce capacity. Available in two styles: pedestal base and flat footed.



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