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Hanging Ceramic Planter in White

From $34.99

The Peach & Pebble Hanging Ceramic Planter creates a fun home for your leavy friends. It brings in the perfect touch of outdoor beauty. This planter is designed and produced by master ceramic craftsmen. The Hanging Ceramic Planter has a hand finished glaze with a raw bottom and does not include a drainage hole.

Minimalist Planter

From $26.00

Simple and modern, the Minimalist Planter is available in 2 sizes. There is no hole in the bottom of this planter eliminating the need for a saucer and in keeping with the minimalist aesthetic. Our favorite plant shoppes love these planters for succulents.

Terracotta and Matte White Footed Boho Minimal Planter Pot

From $14.00

This modern planter features the best of both worlds: a smooth white ceramic as well as a natural terracotta texture, on a three-footed base. DETAILS Sizes: 3.25" x 3.25"H 5"D x 5"H Fits: 3" planter fits 2.75" plants 5" planter fits 4" plants Color: White and Red Material: Ceramic, Terracotta Drainage Hole: None

Dojo Pot & Saucer - 3.5"


Colors - Pink Blush, Terracotta, White, Olive Size - 3.5" diameter

Handmade Terrazzo Pot

From $11.50

All of our products are crafted from Jesmonite AC100 which is an eco-friendly & sustainable composite material. It is completely free of solvents and VOC’s. We finish each of our products with a natural seal to aid in waterproofing. Although our seal aids in waterproofing, we do not recommend soaking our items.Please allow for slight variations in colour, patterns, air bubbles and possible imperfections given the process in which this item has been handmade, which to us only re-affirms our items unique, one of a kind nature. We recommend using a natural polish such as beeswax or coconut oil every...

Lorimer 40 Large Planter


Greenery Unlimited's Heritage Quality Planters blend simple, timeless forms with the highest in class materials for a pot built to last a lifetime. Made from lightweight fiberglass with a matte painted finish, the geometry of the Calyer exhibits a modern take on a classic planter bowl shape and will soften the hard angles often found indoors. This vessel's low orb design is a beautiful counterbalance to plants with leafy, broad foliage. Includes a removable drainage plug.

Wythe 40 Large Planter


Greenery Unlimited's Heritage Quality Planters blend simple, timeless forms with the highest in class materials for a pot built to last a lifetime. Made from lightweight fiberglass with a matte painted finish, the Wythe incorporates a rounded bottom for a softer take on the ever-popular cylindrical planter. This vessel is a great complement to upright plants with tall stalks. Includes a removable drainage plug. 

Amari loop bin - Black


Amari Bin with a loop can hold three thin bud vases and give you a full garden flower arrangement. Try it yourself with any vases or cups that you already have at home! - Material: 100% Natural Jute - Color: White & Black stitch - Size: Approximately 6” tall x 5.5” round. - Due to the handcrafted nature, slight variation will occur in design, color, and size. - Each product is designed and curated by Korissa, sustainably handmade by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh.

Contour Ceramic Planter in Soft Pink

From $30.00

The Peach & Pebble Contour Ceramic Planter is the ideal plant pot to house your customers' favorite indoor plants. Equally gorgeous and functional, this flower pot supports healthy root growth to keep plants healthy (planter includes drainage hole and option rubber stopper). It's your plant's little black dress.

Joe Pot & Saucer


These super awesome light tin pots are the newest addition to our pot and saucer collections. Each pot has a half inch drainage hole and the production run of the saucers will be the same color as the bottom color of the pot.

Neutral Matte White and Natural Texture Minimal Footed Planter Pot

From $14.00

This modern planter features the best of both worlds: a smooth white ceramic as well as a natural ceramic texture, on a three-footed base. DETAILS Sizes Available: 3"D x 3"H 5"D x 5"H Fits: 3" planter fits 2.5" plants 5" planter fits 4" plants Color: White and Beige Material: Ceramic Drainage Hole: None

Nut Husk Mini Planter


This expresso tone textured mini pot is ideal for 2" nursery plants and succulents. The compact size is excellent for limited-spaces such as bedrooms, desks, coffee tables, and offices. For a natural look, pair with interesting foliage plants like Maidenhair fern. Our durable and natural-looking plant container has been transformed from agricultural by-product and waste materials. Equipped with a drainage hole with a saucer, this mini pot is a perfect starter for plant beginners. Materials Nut HuskNon-Toxic Formaldehyde-Free ResinPorousHand Finished Details Drainage hole: YesDrainage DishIndoor Use OnlyPlanter Measurements: 3in Width x 2.25in Height (3in Opening Diameter | 2.25in Bottom Diameter)Dish...

Mallory Planter


Beautify your plants with this ceramic planter from Foreside Home & Garden. The top of this planter is finished with a modern gray reactive crackle glaze that complements a raw ceramic base. The glassy glaze creates an interesting contrast with the raw, matte clay finish. Elevate the look of your greenery with the simple, yet refined design of this planter. A versatile piece that works equally well for fragrant herbs, small flowers, or something leafier. -Finished with a modern gray or rust color reactive crackle glaze that complements a raw ceramic base. -No drainage holes -This versatile piece works equally...

Hobnail Ceramic Flower Pot


This flower planter pot made of high-end glazed ceramic finish. It includes drainage in the planter to support healthy root growth for thriving houseplants. The hobnail textured will make these pots a sight for sour eyes. PRODUCT DETAILS Material: Ceramic Drainage hole: Yes Rubber plug: Yes Saucer: No Dimensions: 6.0" D × 6.0" H Plant not included

Mini Aged Poppy Pot


Mini Mofo Hanging Planter (7.5")


A hanging planter that is functional but still sleek and modern was the goal in mind for designing the Mini Mofo's. We went with clay for the material because the matte finish would hit that contemporary vibe we were going for, and plants love a clay pot. We went with the geometric pattern for texture and visual interest. While the White and the Charcoal Black will likely appeal to the lover of minimalism, the warm Blue Grey and the pale Grey will work just as easily in a Cape Cod beach home. We wanted to make sure you didn't have...

Cube & Saucer, 2.5"


The Cube & Saucer was our first line of ceramic pots for plants…and they really are rather revolutionary because somewhere along the way the concept that a pot actually needs to drain water got lost. These Cube & Saucer pots were designed with the common sense that you need a hole in the bottom so the plant doesn’t die. These ceramic pots for plants come in a variety of colors so whether you want a white ceramic planter, or a Greenery, Perwinkle or Raspberry pot and saucer, we’ve got you covered. Yam, Hydro Blue, Pea Green and Goldenrod also add...

Bubble Pot


A stunning silhouette and matte white finish make the Bubble Pot a fun yet sophisticated addition to the Mindful Modern collection. The Bubble Pot features four rows of bubbles and is designed to fit a 4.5” drop-in orchid pot. Material: Ceramic Weight: 1.80 Grower Pot Size: 4.5" Orchid Dimensions: 6.0 x 5.25 x 5.25

Ezra Planter (Small)


Featuring a beautiful hand-painted blue and white pattern that pops against the color of the natural terracotta material, the Ezra Planter Small offers a modern boho style that is sure to complement your favorite plants. Mix and match with the Ezra Planter Large for a styled vignette. -Style real or faux plants in this statement planter. Greenery and botanicals truly pop against the raw terracotta finish and blue and white design. -Each pot is hand painted, giving it a storied and artisanal feel that suits a boho or modern design aesthetic. -Interior dimensions of the pot: 7x7x7.5" -Made from natural...

Varick 20 Self Watering Pot


The Varick Self-Watering Planter is the ultimate vessel for displaying your prized houseplants. The elevated base conceals a water reservoir through which our patented sub-irrigated insert allows plants to drink at their own pace. This large reservoir allows for more time between waterings and takes the guess work out of watering. The subtle slant in the vessel highlights foliage and flowering plants alike. We particularly love to display our Philodendron, Ficus, and Anthurium collections in this elegant planter.



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