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Tradescantia 'Nanouk'


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Tradescantia 'Nanouk' Common names: Wandering Dude, Spiderwort Tradescantia nanouk is a gorgeous houseplant, characterized by its lavender and earthy green leaves. This plant is happy cascading down from a hanging basket, or trailing across a surface in your home. It will appreciate humidity, so feel free to mist the leaves regularly, use a humidifier, or place your Nanouk somewhere near a sink or shower. This plant won't be happy in direct sun, but make sure it gets enough light or the vibrant leaf color will start to fade.   Light: Medium Water: Frequent Ease: Easy Breezy Pet Friendly: No Care:...

Elephant bush 'Rainbow'

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Portulicaria afra 'Elephant bush' Common names: Elephant Bush, Small Leaf Jade, Elephant's Food This small tree is native to South Africa, and has very similar care requirements to the crassula jade family. It is known for it's red stems and sweet succulent leaves that look like small platelets. It is a relatively hardy succulent and grows and spreads into a beautiful bush, which looks beautiful trailing down in a hanging basket!   Light: Bright Filtered Water: Occasional Ease: Knowledgeable Pet friendly: Yes Fun Fact: Portulacaria afra is a popular snack for elephants, goats and tortoises, and makes an appearance in human cuisine!

Christmas cactus


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Schlumbergera truncata 'Christmas' cactus Cactus are a varied grouping of plants that range from columnar to stout and spherical to twisted, and with plenty of variation in between. Native to arid regions, cactus have evolved to expect lots of light and very little water. Cacti are also, generally, very easy to care for and want to be left alone so they are an excellent option for a forgetful plant caretaker! Christmas cactus are a classic plant known for blooming in the winter, right around christmas. While many plants are in their dormant phase, this cactus will bring lots of cheer...

Hawaiian pothos

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Epipremnum aureum 'Hawaiian' Common Names: Pothos, Devil's Ivy Pothos Plants are great for beginner plant caretakers, as they are very easy to care for and make a beautiful statement trailing down from a hanger, tabletop, or across a wall. They love humidity, so if their leaf tips start to brown, consider misting them or bringing them into a higher humidity spot like the kitchen or bathroom. 'Hawaiian' pothos makes a beautiful statement with large green leaves streaked with a sunny yellow. They will tolerate lower light, but leaves will grow larger in higher, still indirect, light conditions.   Light: Medium Water:...

Selaginella 'Green'

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Selaginella 'Green' Common names: Spike Moss, Irish Moss, Arborvitae Fern Selaginella is a large family of plants with plenty of variety! Depending on their location and environment, they may creep and trail, or climb. They are known for their bushy clusters of soft, lush leaves, and their voracious thirst. If your selaginella starts to get leggy, you can pinch back new growth to encourage a fuller bush. The green variety is classic and beautiful in its vibrant, mossy growth.    Light: Shade Tolerant Water: Semi-Aquatic Ease: Easy Breezy Pet Friendly: Yes Care: Selaginella are always thirsty! We minimize their care by...



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