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Crassula ovata 'Gollum jade'

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Crassula ovata ‘Gollum jade’ The Gollum jade grows from woody stems into tubular leaves (reminiscent of ogre ears!), the tips of which will turn red in direct sunlight! It will grow enthusiastically in the sun, but is tolerant of lower light indoor conditions. Light: Bright Filtered Water: Drought Tolerant Ease: Easy Breezy Pet friendly: No Care: Jades are forgiving Plants, and good for beginner plant caretakers. Just be sure to not let them sit in standing water as this will lead to root rot.

Beaucarnea recurvata 'Ponytail palm'

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Beaucarnea recurvata 'Ponytail palm' The Ponytail palm gets its sweet name from grassy leaves stemming from a robust bulb that looks a bit like hair cascading from a ponytail. While this plant is called a palm, it is actually a succulent, and that bulb is where it stores water for long periods of time. The Ponytail palm is easy-to-care-for as it is very drought tolerant, non-toxic, and just wants bright light. Light: Bright Filtered Water: Drought Tolerant Ease: Easy Breezy Pet Friendly: Yes Care: You are welcome to trim off any browning tips with sharp scissors to maintain a greener...

Peperomia graveolens 'Ruby glow'


Peperomia graveolens 'Ruby glow' Common Names: Rubber plant, Radiator plant Peperomias are an all around excellent plant to take home - low maintenance (good for new plant caretakers), low-light tolerant as their natural habitat is the rainforest understory, and non-toxic to your animal friends! In addition to these stellar qualities, peperomia come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you'll likely find one that is especially interesting to you. This peperomia resembles a succulent a bit more than its relatives, and you might even mistake it for a jade! Ruby glow climbs upwards with bright red stems, ending in paddle-shaped...

Coffee arabica 'Coffee plant'

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Coffee Arabica  'Coffee plant' Did you know that the favorite morning drink comes from a plant that you can grow as a houseplant? Coffea arabica matures after a few years and starts producing small white flowers, and then tiny berries that mature into dark pods, inside which you'll find the seeds that become familiar coffee beans. Additionally, this deep green, glossy-leafed plant makes a beautiful decorative addition to your home.   Light: Bright Filtered Water: Frequent Ease: Knowledgeable Pet Friendly: No Care: Your coffee plant can be repotted annually in the spring, and placed in a slightly larger pot each...

Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle'

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Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle' Hoyas, known more commonly as 'wax Plants' are a relatively low-maintenance and gorgeous addition to your plant collection. They look beautiful draping down from a tall table, cascading from a hanging basket, or climbing up a trellis. Hoyas are loved for their honey scented blossoms that pop up in the spring and summer. 'Krinkle' is a particularly charming variety with its leaves that resemble exaggerated snap pea pods. Light: Bright Filtered Water: Occasional Ease: Easy Breezy Pet Friendly: Yes Care: Don't trim the long tendrils at the edges of your Hoya as this is where they will...

Pachypodium lamerei 'Madagascar palm'

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Pachypodium lamerei 'Madagascar palm' A unique and funky plant, the Madagascar palm is actually a succulent and not a palm. From a trunk that bears a resemblance to a cactus, the Madagascar palm charms with a bright green sprouting of leaves. Because this plant is a succulent, it is more drought tolerant than other 'palms,' and wants plenty of light. If it gets enough light in the summer, you will be rewarded with little clusters of fragrant white blossoms. In order to achieve this result, you may have to move your plant outside, but make sure to bring it in...

Maranta leuconeura 'Lemon lime'


Maranta leuconeura 'Lemon lime' Common name: Prayer Plant Prayer Plants, a low-growing plant native to Brazil, get their name from a curious behavior - during the day, the leaves lay flat and at night, they fold up and in like hands held in prayer. These low-maintenance Plants bring character and intrigue into any space. The Lemon lime variety is characterized by bold lime green veins branching out from the center of a dark green and burgundy leaf.   Light: Shade Tolerant Water: Frequent Ease: Easy Breezy Pet friendly: Yes Care: Prayer Plants love humidity, so give it some extra care by...

Ficus microcarpa ginseng 'Rock fig'

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Ficus microcarpa ginseng 'Rock fig' This beautiful plant is remarkable for its thick trunk-like roots that grow above ground, giving it the appearance of a small tree. The thick bulb transforms into a delicate sprouting of emerald green leaves which you can prune to take the shape that appeals to you. This plant is an excellent option for adding some simple elegance to a desk or smaller space. Just make sure it gets plenty of light, consistent water, and plenty of humidity! Light: Bright Filtered Water: Occasional - Frequent Ease: Advanced Pet Friendly: No Care: Pruning is what makes bonsai...

Haworthiopsis attenuata 'Zebra haworthia'

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Name: Haworthiopsis attenuata 'Zebra haworthia' in 4 inch Terracotta pot, Standard Water: Drought Tolerant Light: Bright Filtered Ease: Easy Breezy

Senecio radicans 'Fish hooks'

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Senecio radicans 'Fish hooks' Senecios are a wide-ranging group of Plants in the daisy family. They range from upright to trailing to shrubs, and have beautiful blooms in fall and spring! Keep your senecio as a container plant, put it on a tall shelf or in a basket, or if you live in a warmer climate, plant it as outdoor ground cover. There is so much variety and beauty in this family, you will likely find a plant that catches your eye. Fish hooks is a fun variety that can grow up to 10 foot tendrils of succulent hooks, and...

Kalanchoe houghtonii 'Pink butterfly'


Kalanchoe houghtonii 'Pink butterfly' Kalanchoe is a succulent species native to Africa, and is comprised of over 100 unique Plants, all of which show off colorful blooms throughout the year if they are given proper conditions. Pink butterfly is a lovely variety with green, bean like clusters of leaves whose edges bloom with delicate bright pink flowers reminiscent of butterfly wings! Light: Bright Filtered Water: Drought Tolerant Ease: Easy Breezy Pet Friendly: No Care: If you want your Kalanchoe to bloom, stimulate a hibernation period by giving it 12-14 hours of nighttime for several weeks leading up to late December,...

Aeschynanthus longicaulis 'Black pagoda'

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Aeschynanthus longicaulis 'Black Pagoda' Common name: Lipstick Plant, Lipstick Vine Lipstick Plants get their name from bright blossoms that pop out of a tubular bud reminiscent of a lipstick tube. These Plants originate from Southeast Asia and love a tropical environment. Their stems grow long and trail, and they are beautifully suited for hanging planters. The black pagoda variety is covered in bright veins that contrast dramatically with a purplish underleaf. Light: Medium (if it’s not blooming, try moving it into a brighter spot!) Water: Occasional Ease: Easy Breezy Pet friendly: Yes Care: Lipstick Plants enjoy being pruned after the blooming...

Echeveria elegans

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Name: Echeveria elegans Water: Drought Tolerant Light: Bright Filtered Ease: Easy Breezy


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Name: Haworthia in 4 inch Terracotta pot, Standard Water: Drought Tolerant Light: Bright Filtered Ease: Easy Breezy

Strelitzia nicolai 'White bird of paradise'

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Strelitzia nicolai 'White bird of paradise' A relative of the banana plant, the Bird of paradise is stunning with its large, glossy green leaves and blooms in the shape of cranes, which is how it gets its name. This plant is unique, majestic, and brings very tropical note into any space. It's also quite hardy and will tolerate many light conditions, but does best in bright filtered light. Bring it home and enjoy its graceful arcing stems and broad green leaves. Light: Bright Filtered Water: Occasional Ease: Easy Breezy Pet Friendly: No Care: If you're noticing brown tips on your...

Cactus opuntia subulata

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Name: Cactus opuntia subulata Water: Drought Tolerant Light: Bright Filtered Ease: Easy Breezy

Ficus triangularis sweetheart "Triangle fig"

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Ficus triangularis 'Triangle fig' The Ficus triangularis is as elegant as any member of the ficus family, but significantly less tricky than some of its relatives. You'll love the distinctly delicate stems and soft triangular shaped glossy leaves on this small tree. The triangle fig is relatively easy to maintain, and is a stunning statement houseplant. Just make sure that it gets plenty of bright filtered light, and you will enjoy a happy and healthy ficus! Light: Bright Filtered Water: Occasional Ease: Easy Breezy Pet Friendly: No Care: Ficus triangularis likes humidity! Feel free to mist the leaves regularly, or...

Dypsis lutescens 'Areca palm'

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Dypsis lutescens 'Areca palm' A beautiful palm that will reach heights of 20-25 feet tall outdoors, as an indoor houseplant this palm will likely grow to be 6-8 feet tall. For this reason, its best to find a spot in your space with lots of vertical height. Your Areca palm will also appreciate ample humidity! Consider using a humidifier nearby, or misting its leaves regularly. Light: Bright Filtered Water: Occasional Ease: Knowledgable Pet Friendly: Yes Care: Areca palms like to be slightly root bound, but you want to refresh the soil every year or so. When you do this, you...

Anthurium superbum 'Bird's nest'

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Anthurium superbum 'Bird's nest' Common names: Tailflower, Ironclad The elegant Anthurium, a plant that requires a bit of extra attention and care, will reward its caretakers with waxy heart-shaped 'flowers' that are actually colorful leaves. The more light your Anthurium receives, the more vibrant these leaves will be. If new growth is coming in green, try moving your plant to a brighter spot. The superbum variety grows in a dense rosette from the root, and spirals up in tall oblong leaves, adding a beautiful architectural design to your space.   Light: Bright Filtered Water: Frequent Ease: Advanced Pet friendly: No Care:...

Rhipsalis cereuscula


Name: Rhipsalis Cereuscula Water: Drought Tolerant Light: Bright Filtered Ease: Easy Breezy



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