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Two Lattice Bar


Island Trolley


Two Door Slatted Cabinet


Drafting Table


Wheeled Wooden Trolley


Ornate Marble Table


Six Cubby Cabinet


Rustic Coffee Table


Natural Wood Table


Small Drawer Desk


Wood Step


Cinnamon tree


Dark Lattice Panel


Ficus Triangularis Sweetheart "Triangle Fig"


Ficus triangularis 'Triangle fig' The Ficus triangularis is as elegant as any member of the ficus family, but significantly less tricky than some of its relatives. You'll love the distinctly delicate stems and soft triangular shaped glossy leaves on this small tree. The triangle fig is relatively easy to maintain, and is a stunning statement houseplant. Just make sure that it gets plenty of bright filtered light, and you will enjoy a happy and healthy ficus! Light: Bright Filtered Water: Occasional Ease: Easy Breezy Pet Friendly: No Care: Ficus triangularis likes humidity! Feel free to mist the leaves regularly, or...

Euphorbia Candelabrum


Polaskia 'Chichipe'

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Hall House


The Hall house is named for Dr. George Rogers Hall, a horticulture pioneer. Dr. Hall first visited Japan in 1859 to join the lucrative trade that had already been established between Japan and the United States. Hall filled Wardian cases with Japanese plants, and they set sail from the newly opened Yokohama whaling port. All terrariums come with a fitted plastic liner. 15" x 10" x 18".

Rhapis excelsa 'Lady palm'


Rhapis excelsa ‘Lady palm’ The beautiful lady palm grows from woody stems and its shiny leaves open up in a fan shape. She grows primarily vertically, so she will fit well in most spaces in your home. This less broad palm variety will add a delicate lushness to your plant collection. Light: Medium Water: Occasional Ease: Easy Breezy Pet friendly: Yes Care: These palms like to be root-bound. They also love humidity, so if the leaves are getting crunchy at the tips, consider adding some moisture into the air.

Lophocereus schottii 'Totem pole cactus'


Large Marble Parat with Handle




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