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Peak Harvest - Grow

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Provide your plants with the balanced organic nutrition they need to produce hardy, healthy, vital, and vibrant vegetative growth when you feed with Peak Harvest Grow 4-2-3 organic fertilizer. All-in-one liquid organic vegetatitve base nutrients. Derived from: fish hydrolysate, kelp, potassium sulfate, humic and fulvic acids, chilean nitrate, complex sugars, enzymes, amino acids, and proteins. This completely cold process formula contains the primary nutrients, micronutrients, minerals, bio-stimulants and carbohydrates needed for the most vibrant and vital vegetative growth.

Desert Nectar Yucca Extract

From $9.95

Enhance your growing experience with this superior wetting agent and soil conditioner. Help your plants become more resistant to environmental stresses while improving the quality of your soil. This pure organic extract contains high concentrations of steroidal saponins. These special compounds enhance a plant’s ability to absorb water and nutrients and thrive in harsh conditions. Desert Nectar Yucca Extract will help water and nutrients penetrate compact soils with it’s ability to make water “wetter”. This same quality assists sprays in sticking to foliage. Use Desert Nectar to break up accumulated salts in the soil or irrigation lines and flush them...

Bokashi+ Root-Zone Inoculant

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BOKASHI+ from Elevation Organics is a premium root-zone inoculant for all stages of plant growth. Translating to “fermented organic matter” in Japanese, bokashi is composting method that involves using EM(effective microorganisms) and enzymes to break down organic material by way of anaerobic fermentation. Alfalfa meal and grain substrate are used to propogate these beneficial microbes. This mix is then dried, preserving all these species for up to two years in a dormant, stable form that can be applied when needed. This BOKASHI is given a plus when a very unique biochar, inoculated with beneficial fungus, bacteria, and protozoa, is added...

BotaniGard ES Beauveria Bassiana


Beauveria bassiana is an entomopathogenic fungi that causes white muscadine disease in a range of insects including whiteflies, aphids, thrips, grasshoppers and certain types of beetles. It differs from Nosema locustae in that it does not need to be ingested by the host; B. bassiana spores simply need to come in contact with a host. Once the host insect is infected, the fungus rapidly grows inside of the insect, feeding on the nutrients present in the host's body and producing toxins in the process. When the host dies, the B. bassiana covers the carcass in a layer of white mold...



Insecticide | Fungicide | Biostimulant | Surfactant 1oz to 1 gallon =19ml to 3785 ml =1ml to 199ml =1ml to 8 oz

Genzo Hamono Satsuki Bonsai Shears


These shears are pretty cool, the long handle allows you to reach into tighter places without damaging the surrounding plant. The pointed tips overlap slightly allowing you to use the entire length of the blade, and the closure at the handle allows you to remove delicate propagations by pinching off the node and closing the cut at the same time. These are made in Japan with carbon steel and they need to be wiped down after use to prevent rust.

Willow - Organic biochar


Willow biochar is a soil amendment that retains water, absorbs nutrients, and promotes beneficial microbial growth. Mix it with your favorite soils or add it directly to the base of your plants to grow happier plants while cooling our planet.  Adding Biochar to your soil results in 10% less watering, 20% more growth, and helps reduce global warming. Your Biochar will come in a sealed 1 lb recyclable bag. Instructions Mix 10% biochar into any of your favorite soils or add 2 cups to the base of any water-loving plants

Crucial Castings – Pure Premium Earthworm Castings


Worms are crucial. Period.  These little creatures work constantly to improve soil structure and cycle nutrients.  They do this by ingesting organic matter and excreting castings as waste.  These castings hold the key to healthy soil which is an active, diverse population of bacteria, fungus, protozoa, and nematodes.  The micro-organisms contained in worm castings provide your soil the ability to process the organic nutrients you add as well as preventing disease.  Also containing a mild N-P-K, worm castings are an essential component in a healthy organic gardening system. Our Crucial Castings are produced from African Nightcrawlers to produce a large...

Peak Harvest Humic Acid

From $9.95

This potent humic and fulvic acid formula will help increase root mass development and formation, stimulate microbial activity, detoxify soils, and increase enzymatic activity. Sourced from ancient seabed carbon deposits, Peak Harvest Humic Acid is essentially a stable liquid compost that as a chelation agent may increase availability and uptake of micronutrients. This humic has a high CEC(cation exchange capacity) which allows more nutrients in the soil to become available to the roots. Regular use can enhance seed germination, improve tilth, build soil immunity, reduce environmental stresses, and improve your harvest!

Mountain Blossoms Vegetation 7-2-3


This all natural and organic dry nutrient blend is sure to accelerate your vegetative growth like nothing else out there. Derived from: alfalfa, bat guano, fish meal, fish bone meal, seaweed, neem seed, crab shell, oyster shell, glacial rock dust, chilean nitrate, langbeinite, and humic acid.

Fertile Valley – Soil Builder and Tea Brew


Fertile Valley is a completely unique blend of amazing ingredients with a quality standard that is hard to find.  We scoured dozens of sources for the best compost, earthworm bedding, and fertilizers we could find.  The result was Fertile Valley, a highly bio-active blend with a texture that doesn’t cake or clump, wash out of pots or beds easily, and will add life to soil immediately and more effectively than your standard packaged granular product. When you add Fertile Valley to your soil or a tea you get a very diverse population of Mycorrhizae and Bacteria, as well as their...

Bloom 2-5-0.2


All-in-one liquid organic flowering base nutrients. Derived from: fish hydrolysate, kelp, potassium sulfate, humic and fulvic acids, complex sugars, enzymes, amino acids, and proteins. This completely cold process formula contains the primary nutrients, micronutrients, minerals, bio-stimulants and carbohydrates needed for the biggest, brightest, most fragrant and flavorful fruits and blossoms you have harvested yet!

Peak Harvest Essential Gold Ca/Mg


Essential Gold is an incredibly available source of Calcium and Magnesium, critical nutrients to plants’ health. Calcium and magnesium are essential elements for rapid plant development and overall vitality, and nothing delivers these elements better than Peak Harvest Essential Gold.  This natural and easy-to-use liquid nutrient supplement contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium in chelated form ready to be absorbed by your plants!  Calcium is essential for vigorous plant growth and rigid structural development, while magnesium is essential for chlorophyll formation and phophorus uptake and migration.  Experience these benefits and increase your yield when you use Peak Harvest Essential...

Nagao Higonokami Knife

From $29.99

Original Japanese Nagao Higonokami friction folding pocket knife. Blade: Blue Steel Handle Color: Brass or Black Length of the Blade: 75mm / 3” Length of the Handle: 98mm / 3.9” Blade Thickness: 2.5mm Weight: 50 grams This knife is double-edged and handmade, so look and size may vary. Made in Japan.

Genzo Hamono Okubo Bonsai Shears


Blade steel: High carbon steel laminated with soft steel Largest diameter it will cut: 1/4" Overall length: 7.25" Blade length: 2" Weight: 0.55lbs Okubo shears are designed with a strong neck and handle to cut branches, flower stems, ropes and is useful for bonsai work, general gardening and flower arrangements. The round, wide handle is easy to grip. Genzo series are produced by Genzo Hamono Manufacturing Co. located in Niigata prefecture. They come with a strong blade and hold up its edge a long time but requires the edge to be wiped clean and dry after use to prevent rust. The...



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