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Tillandsia Xerographica (M) - Air Plant


Our medium xerographica are perfect for bouquets, vertical gardens, and medium size containers. Silvery light green in color, Xerographica is one of the more rare varieties. It's thick, wide leaves form a tight rosette of curls with the thin, spiky new growth sprouting from the center adding a beautiful contrast in form. Width: 5-6 inches Height: 4-6 inches

Tillandsia Ionantha Rubra (XL) - Air Plant


Perfect for terrariums, driftwood, and cork. The Ionantha Rubra is a classic and adored air plant. The Ionantha Rubra has thin, soft leaves with many trichomes on them. The trichomes give the leaves a white or silvery look. The first photo is a blooming plant, however most of the plants will be sent pre-bloom so you can enjoy the entire color process. When in bloom these little guys display a blushing beautiful red to orange color with purple tubular flowers. It is very exciting when they burst into color!

Tillandsia Red Abdita (L) - Air Plant


Red Abdita are wonderful sized air plant. They are one of our most popular plants and almost look good enough to eat! Width: 1-2 inches Height: 5-7 inches

Orchid cactus

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Epiphyllum guatemalense 'Orchid cactus' - 6" pot Common names: Orchid Cactus, Curly Sue, Curly Locks Curly sue is a really unique cactus that grows on rocks and in trees in the jungle just like air plants or orchids, and it is beautiful for its long trailing and twisting leaves. This cactus makes an excellent choice for a hanging basket or tall shelf. Though it looks a bit like a desert cactus, it's native habitat is actually jungle, so during it's growing season it will need more frequent watering (once the top inch or two of soil has dried out). You...

Cryptanthus 'Pink star'

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Cryptanthus bromeliad Common name: Earth Stars Bromeliads are a fun family that includes pineapples, air plants, and a variety of other plants that may be less familiar. What they have in common is striking leaf colors and patterns, and very frequently a one-time bloom (which may last several months) that emerges from the center of the leaf cluster! Bromeliads are most likely to bloom if they are kept in a humid environment, and you won't regret the extra effort to give them that because these blooms are technicolor! Earth stars naturally grow on rainforest floors and tend to stay low to...



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