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Bokashi+ Root-Zone Inoculant

From $3.25

This helps plants grow strong and healthy by introducing beneficial microbes into your soil that aid in breaking down nutrients, making them more bio-available. Frequency: Applied up to every 2 weeks

Peak Harvest - Grow

From $9.95

Provide your plants with the balanced organic nutrition they need to produce hardy, healthy, vital, and vibrant vegetative growth when you feed with Peak Harvest Grow 4-2-3 organic fertilizer. All-in-one liquid organic vegetatitve base nutrients. Derived from: fish hydrolysate, kelp, potassium sulfate, humic and fulvic acids, chilean nitrate, complex sugars, enzymes, amino acids, and proteins. This completely cold process formula contains the primary nutrients, micronutrients, minerals, bio-stimulants and carbohydrates needed for the most vibrant and vital vegetative growth.

Willow - Organic biochar


Willow biochar is a soil amendment that retains water, absorbs nutrients, and promotes beneficial microbial growth. Mix it with your favorite soils or add it directly to the base of your plants to grow happier plants while cooling our planet.  Adding Biochar to your soil results in 10% less watering, 20% more growth, and helps reduce global warming. Your Biochar will come in a sealed 1 lb recyclable bag. Instructions Mix 10% biochar into any of your favorite soils or add 2 cups to the base of any water-loving plants



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