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Delray Footed Planter


Weight: 2 lbs Dimensions: 5.50 inch x 5.50 inch x 6.75 inch Material: Ceramic

Ebba Basket


Woven from seagrass, the Ebba Basket is a stylish addition to our basket collection.

Preston Watering Can


The Preston Water Can is crafted from galvanized steel with a glossy white finish and clean wooden handle. Perfect for decorative or utilitarian use in the garden or your next floral design.Weight: 1 lbsDimensions: 14.25" x 6.50" x 10.75"Material: Metal

Heat Pack for shipping plants in the winter


Uniheat warmers are designed for shipping plants during the cold winter months. We recommend adding this heat pack when ordering plants during the winter months (November - April). Please add a Uniheat pack to your order to ensure your plants arrive safely to your home! Heat Packs- Designed for reliable and steady heat release - Simple to use and delivers optimal results with a color indicator on the warmer- Provides an average warmer surface temperature of 100F (38C)- Ideal for shipping live plants and flowers

Hydroponic Vintage Vase


Name: Hydroponic Vintage Vase Water: Frequent Light: Medium Ease: Easy Breezy

Fletch Watering Can


The Fletch Watering Can comes in black galvanized steel with elegant lines and a dramatic spout. Perfect for decorative or utilitarian use in the garden or your next floral design. Weight: 1 lbs (Tall)Dimensions: 14.25" x 5" x 12.75"Material: Metal Weight: 0.7 lbs (Short)Dimensions: 17.50" x 5" x 5.75"Material: Metal

Delphi Planter


Weight: 1.2 lbs Dimensions: 4.70 inch x 4.70 inch x 4inch Material: Ceramic

Macrame Hanger


Display your house plant by hanging the planter on a wall or from the ceiling. This Macrame is simple and elegant and matches with all types of planters.Size: Planters between 5 -7 inches

Avon Planter


Weight: 1.2 lbsDimensions: 6.50 inch x 6.50 inch x 4.50 inchMaterial: Ceramic

Brick Mould Hanger


Our Brick Moulds are vintage and sourced from around the globe. A jute rope gets added to create a one-of-a-kind hanging piece that adds rustic charm and antique patina to your plants and designsWeight: 3 lbsDimensions: 12.50 inch x 6inch x 3.75 inchMaterial: Wood

Air Plant Display Hanger - Brass


1 - Air Plant Display Hanger (Brass)Size: Medium*Air Plant Not Included*



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